Why Is God Seemingly Unfair?

Why Is God Seemingly Unfair

“The LORD is merciful and just, our God is merciful.” (Psalm 116:5)

I once though

When I was a teenager, I used to think, God doesn’t seem fair. Why? Because if you see various things in this world, the question arises, why are there people who live luxurious, healthy, and at the same time handsome or beautiful. Anyway, happy life. Meanwhile, there are people whose lives are difficult, sickly and whose faces are not handsome or beautiful. Her life is very difficult. Also why some have a long life, but many also have a short life. He said God is fair. But why did He give people that state?

I also feel amazed when I see people living with disabilities, such as blind people. It felt like he was having a lot of trouble. it feels like. One has problems in the family, the other has no problems. One is easy to get a job, the other is difficult to be unemployed. Too much injustice going on.

However, I was taught that God is Most Just. In Revelation 16:7 it is written, “And I heard the altar say, O Lord God Almighty, true and just are your judgments.” The Bible says that God is righteous and just. And there are many more verses that state His justice. Put me zoom. indeed God is just, but why is life filled with injustice?

Job is like that

Job when facing a severe test, once said, “With all that comes out of my mother, I will return to it. The Lord who gives, the Lord who takes, praise the name of the Lord!” (Job 1:21) Job did not blaspheme God despite his trials. So it is said that Job did not sin and did not accuse God of doing anything inappropriate. (Job 1:22)

But after receiving a rebuke from his friend, who suspected that Job had sinned against God, Job’s quote came out. according to him God has been unfair. “Remember, that Allah has been unfair to me.” (Job 19:6a) That opinion is the same as that of most people. Yes, thought Job, it was God who played the temptation on him.

The story of a sister

There is a story about a nun who lived in Latin America. This sister is very good at singing spiritual songs. He often sang hymns to God. His listeners were astonished by his praises. This sister often went to the villages to treat, comfort, and give advice to the people in the village.

But one day, when he visited a village, it was attacked by a communist mob. The villagers fled and hidden themselves. Including this sister. While the body feels trembling, pray in the heart, asking for God’s protection who he loves so much. But suddenly, this communist criminal saw it. Immediately he called his friends. Then they gang raped the woman. After that the woman left.

While still in great agony, lying down crying, the woman said quietly, “It turns out that God doesn’t exist. When I needed His help, he wasn’t there.” The woman was very disappointed and hurt. Then he got up and said once again, “God doesn’t exist, but there is the devil.” Then he went and blasphemed God. Oh, really roast him. Very disappointed, he actually left God.

Consequences of sin

Consequences of sin

As an adult, I finally got an answer through the Word of God that I read. That’s where I found God is Most Just. Well, how can that be? In the book of Genesis Pgsoft when they were in the garden of Eden, in Adam and Eve is life written? They can meet Allah at any time. Both of them have never had any problems in their life. Do not experience death, disease, or toil to make a living. live happily ever after.

But when they are tempted by the devil so that they sin against God, all these problems arise. They are afraid to meet God. They are cursed so they have to feel pain and hardship. Plants to support their lives must be planted first. If not, then only thorns will grow. And the most important thing is that they are heading towards death with all its consequences, namely murder, disease, natural disasters, wars, and others. So it is actually humans who make mistakes themselves under the seduction of the devil. It wasn’t God who did it.

 God give peace

In fact, God never designed human suffering. Instead He planned good things for them. “For I am the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace and not plans for reproach.

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