Believe in God

Believe in God

Confidence is a very beautiful thing, which strengthens us to face life with courage, openness and honesty. Christians confidently believe that they are loved, worthy, and secure in God’s plan for their lives. When we feel safe, it’s easier for us to step out and try new things, even though we may make some mistakes along the way . Self-confidence enables us to move forward expecting success rather than worrying about failure. This is essential in fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.

Self -doubt is rooted in fear

Self -doubt is rooted in fear

Self-doubt is a torturous type of fear, which causes us to fear making mistakes or making wrong decisions. For most people, this stems from the fact that they have a false sense of who they really are. These deep-rooted feelings often hold us back from accepting ourselves and having the confidence we need to make decisions. The result? We only live in confusion and indecision because we are so afraid to make mistakes.

A person who doubts himself is the same as a person who is indecisive and double-minded. The Bible states in James 1:5-8 , that God cannot answer the prayer of a double-minded person because he is unstable in all his ways. Self-doubt can cause us to turn back and hide, rather than moving forward in the direction God is showing us. Back to back is an action and a response to fear. God will respond when we act in faith , not in fear.

Self -Confidence Is Rooted From Faith

I want to emphasize once again that our confidence must be in Christ himself, not in ourselves, not in other people, and not in the world or its systems. Our self-confidence must be rooted in the belief in His unconditional love for us . Without the confidence that comes from our knowledge of how much He loves us, we will never be able to enjoy our lives or our relationship with Him.

As our understanding of God’s love and favor increases, our self-confidence level will also increase. As a result, we will become more comfortable with who we really are and able to live life confident that we can handle whatever is in front of us.

Be Confident In Christ

Be Confident In Christ

We can only believe in ourselves as long as we believe and rely on the power of Christ who lives in us.

I am a broken heart and full of self-doubt with a very negative character. Even though I believed in God and asked for His help, I knew nothing about faith. I do not understand how to pray with faith as it is written in the Bible. I had to learn a lot to trust God and gain confidence in Christ. I’ve learned that I can say No to fear and self-doubt, so are you. The choice is in your hand. When fear knocks on your door, you can answer it with faith, and when self-doubt knocks on your door, you can answer it with confidence!

The Power of Decision

God created each of us with free will. As believers, we can overcome all the negative things the devil has in mind for us by exercising our power to agree with God and His promises. No matter how much doubt we feel, we can decide to keep moving forward in faith, confident in God and His word. In Joshua 24:15 we see Joshua choosing to serve God. He doesn’t base his decisions on what other people do or how he feels, he bases his beliefs on God’s promises.

Maybe you have negative things stuck in your mind like I used to, but God can change all of that. In John 16:24 we are commanded to ask God for the things He has promised us. If you and I feel unworthy, we cannot possibly ask in faith or with the confidence that we will receive what we ask for. Why? Because self-doubt will always prevent us from receiving the best from God. But by choosing to agree with His words and have confidence in Christ, we can receive God’s best grace in our lives. If you want to enjoy the best of it, start making the decision to fight your fears and trust Him.

Seeing What God Sees

God says that you and I are precious, created in our mother’s womb with His own hands. We have a purpose in this world. God says that He calls us by our names and we are His. Take a moment and look into your heart, what do you see there? Are you filled with doubt or confidence that comes from knowing God and His unconditional love for you? If your answer is not in line with His word, I want to encourage you to start renewing your mind about how God views you. Don’t let feelings lead your life anymore. Take a step of faith and start trusting God today. Choose to agree with Him and believe that you are of great value. He has great plans for the future for you.

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