Mistakes In Reading The Bible

Mistakes In Reading The Bible

I don’t know why suddenly this morning I wanted to write about an activity that (should be) a routine for Christians (and Catholics); namely reading the Bible. Frankly, I am not a Christian who has a regular time to spend reading the Bible every day. For this matter, whether it is mandatory to read every day is a very important thing is still a question mark for me.

What is clear, today I think more and more people, from teenagers to adults, are reading the Bible the wrong way. even this mistake tends to be made by people who are used to taking the time to read the bible every day. irony. I’m not saying that I’ve also been very right.

actually I do not want to judge that it is wrong. but the fact is that the fruit produced is usually not as seranum when compared to the daily “fertilization” effort.

Here are some that I think are wrong:

Here are some that I think are wrong

1. Seek knowledge, not understanding

Read for information only. what’s the point of that! no personal effects. maybe this type of person will be able to clearly say “as it is written” but even that verse is not understood personally. the verse does not work personally in themselves.

Many people read the bible to know about something in the bible literally, history, culture, etc. but do not find out the concrete function of each word in each verse for personal application. I’m very familiar with Gideon’s heroic story, but what does that mean for me? other than being seen as having knowledge of the Bible by others?. Or maybe I really understand how habakkuk is very confused and questions God a lot. But will my knowledge of the condition of habakkuk affect my personal life?

Personal application is much more important. he needs investigation and reflection.

2. Wear horse glasses

many people read the bible too rigidly. perhaps he is looking for meaning in a passage for himself. but in reality it is not true. The old testament forbids pork. In the New Testament, Paul states that everything is lawful to eat. contradiction? where is the justification? what is the application of this kind of case to our spiritual life? which part of the case can grow our faith and make us feel warmer in God’s bosom? people tend to just find that the two things have reasons so that they are not contradictory, regardless of spiritual growth.

What is meant by horse glasses here is, sometimes people tend to read 1 passage, ponder its meaning, and look for other verses that have the same theme and think they are the same. this is not entirely wrong, but it would be better if we in reading the Bible also pay attention to:

– Who is the author of the book?

– What is the purpose of writing the book and verse?

– who is the object of the writing literally tulisan


so that in studying something, we can understand the situation and not just draw conclusions. For example, Paul had taught about wisdom to the church in Corinth. Learn also why Paul taught that. Notice also that Paul heard the issue of dissension among the Corinthians. etc

Don’t just stick to one passage or verse.

3. Stick to one version

The Bible is a book. exists in many translations at then whether because of this, will reduce the validity of a book in a particular translation? certainly not! any translation, as long as with it we can understand better, become a better human being, and become a person who is getting closer to Allah then there is nothing wrong! because the main objective has been achieved; we enter into the presence of God. Don’t get hung up on one translation. also read a verse that (for example) is a little confusing in other translations.

4. It’s too feudal to think that the Bible only exists in the form of a book

We live in modern times. mobile phone, internet, software. all can be inserted bible. There is nothing wrong if we learn from there. Himat is given free of charge only to those who ask for it. we can learn at almost any time.

However, keep in mind. The Bible is our spiritual food. sometimes as I wrote at the beginning, consider this as a routine. there are those who read while listening to music, are close to friends, etc. The point is, everything that can reduce our concentration in reading the Bible a little bit, stay away. or for me, better not to read just yet.

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The Bible should be enjoyed personally, without needing anyone to know, quenches spiritual thirst, and is selfishly useful for ourselves. It is enough for people to know how serious we are in reading the Bible through our behavior, our speech, without them needing to know which verse we are reading.